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Smithsonian American Art Museum's Clarice Smith Distinguished Lecture Series: Deborah Butterfield and Horse Sculptures

Deborah Butterfield's studio.

Deborah Butterfield's sculptural forms are based on her unique subject, horses. Constructed in wood, and cast in bronze, the freestanding sculptures are shown in two scales: life size works and smaller bronzes. With extraordinary focus and conviction, Butterfield works independently of the tides of trends and art movements. She has become a master of three-dimensional images of horses, building her sculptures with no sketches or maquettes, working directly with wood pieces or found metal scraps. Here, Deborah Butterfield speaks about her work and subject for the Smithsonian American Art Museum's Clarice Smith Distinguished Lecture Series.

The Clarice Smith Distinguished Lectures in American Art highlight excellence and innovation in American art through evenings with an outstanding artist, critic, and scholar.

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