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Red Grooms installation acquired by the Brooklyn Museum

Red Grooms and Mimi Gross
42nd Street - Porno Bookstore, 1976
mixed media
112 × 199 × 168 in. / 284.5 × 505.5 × 426.7 cm
From the installation: Ruckus Manhattan
Gift of the Alex Katz Foundation

The Brooklyn Museum announces nearly five hundred new acquisitions and gifts. Amongst them is 42nd Street - Porno Bookstore from the groundbreaking installation Ruckus Manhattan, a three-dimensional immersive installation of lower Manhattan by Red Grooms and Mimi Gross. Originally presented in full at Marlborough in 1976, the work was bustling with life-size representations of iconic New York landmarks and its caricature-like inhabitants. Porno Bookstore comprises the section of Ruckus Manhattan on 42nd Street: the Times Square storefront offers up illicit materials, degenerate lurkers peering at the paperbacks and partaking in lewd activities.
Congratulations to Red Grooms on this exciting acquisition!

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